"Portland's most fashionably scandalous writer,
Richard Speer has a romantic flair and uses language to color by his own numbers..."
-- TJ Norris, OregonLive.com

"Speer obviously has an Oedipus complex
and should return to the whorehouse where his inspiration is born..."
--Willamette Week letter to the editor



"A hedonist-critic in the tradition of Apollinaire and Cocteau,
Speer has a dramatic, baroque flair to his prose."
--Jeff Jahn, NWDrizzle.com

"Beware of Richard Speer's opinion when searching for a good art show.
Speer would try to sell you a rat's asshole for a wedding ring
and call it 'a riot of rainbows.'"
--"Mr. Tree Face" comment on WWeek.com



"Willamette Week arts critic Richard Speer sashayed happily down the long metal staircase
to the tune of '60s rock, apparently in communication with his mothership."
-- Harvest Henderson, society column, The Oregonian




Richard Speer (What is Sex?) by Gwenn Seemel
acrylic on canvas, 34"x28"

Richard by Laura Ross-Paul
watercolor on mulberry paper, 10"x9.5"

Richard Speer by Scott Wayne Indiana and Josh Arseneau
from The Portland Art Coloring Book

The End of a Long Day and Dark Night by Vanessa Calvert
mixed media on panel, 24"x36"

Frankenspeer Cannot Be Controlled
digital media by Corbett J. Myers

Richard at Haze
drawing by Ben Jensen

Richard Speer x 2 by Weihong
photograph from installation 255 - 0 + TEA (Portland Tea Guests)


"...a radiantly self-absorbed bon vivant..."
-- Eric Bartels, The Portland Tribune

"...a really cute dilettante..."
-- "Anonymous Art Critic" segment, Eva Lake's ArtStar, KPSU-FM



"...a cross between a Beau-Brummell bon vivant
and a wobbling-Pinocchio version of Marilyn Manson..."
-- UltraPDX.com